Founded by award-winning architect Jann Hurley in 1998, Hurley Architects has grown to be one of the most respected boutique architectural practices in South Auckland.

Prized for their intimate knowledge of the local area, Hurley Architects are well positioned to offer the latest in architectural designs, complete rural solutions and sustainable and environmentally conscious outcomes.

Our Team

The Best and Brightest

Architects & Design Leads


image of Jann Hurley

Jann Hurley

Director, Registered Architect

image of Elizabeth Cotter

Elizabeth Cotter

Registered Architect

image of Sharron Piner

Sharron Piner

Senior Project Leader

image of Ginny Pedlow

Ginny Pedlow


Associates & Staff


image of Annaliese Mirus

Annaliese Mirus

Architectural Graduate

image of Mishori Dunraj

Mishori Dunraj

Architectural Graduate

image of Emma Williams

Emma Williams

Spatial Designer

image of Loren-Crystal Pitt

Loren-Crystal Pitt

Architectural Graduate

image of Nicola Griffiths

Nicola Griffiths

Office Manager