How Do We Charge?

There are too many unknowns at the start of a project to accurately determine the overall cost. We generally use one or a combination of the following:

1. Time Charges

This means we charge for the time spent on your project at the appropriate staff hourly rate. This is the preferred method for the concept stages of renovations or jobs where the site conditions and the brief are particularly complex .

2. Lump Sum Fees

This is where we give you a fixed quote for each stage. It is best suited to projects where there is a clearly defined scope, we're working with commonly available products and construction methods, and the site conditions aren't too complex.

3. Percentage Fees

This means our fee is based on a percentage of the value of the project (build cost). This method is used where we are really pushing the boat out in terms of design, each and every junction must be detailed, specialist products and highly technical construction methods are required. For such projects we need to be involved right through to the issuing of the compliance certificate. The full service fee is 10-12% of the construction budget.

4. Combination Fee

This gives you the option to start the project on a time charge basis, and once we have a better understanding of scope and value of project, we can provide a fixed fee for the remainder of the project.

Pre Design check & feasibility study:

Before starting any project we carry out a predesign check of the constraints and opportunities of your site. This can be done as a separate service and may help you make decisions around the brief, what can be achieved and what challenges there may be from environmental, planning or legal requirements. You will get a report collating our research on your property. Head to our contact page to book a predesign check option that best suits you.

Other fees to budget for (if required):

  • Council fees - Building Consent, Resource Consent, Property Files
  • Engineering - Structural Engineer, Geotech reports, Drainage Engineer
  • Disbursements – printing, title searches, mileage for site visits