Get Familiar With The Steps

Every new house we design is bespoke, a reflection of your personal style and a response to your unique site requirements. We take the time to listen to your individual needs and solve design problems with creative solutions that enhance your lifestyle.

Our projects cover a range of styles from contemporary minimalist to rustic country. We will work with the ideas that you bring and add our own specialist design skills to create a home you will love to live in.

We've successfully completed projects from Omaha to Te Awamutu and many places in between, including the Coromandel Penninsula. These projects include beach houses, town houses, lifestyle block and farm homes as well as character additions and alterations.

Every successful project is the result of good communication between the client, the architect and the builder. We work with a range of excellent builders and can help you find the right team for your dream home.

Pre - Design

We discuss in detail your ideas and spatial needs. We visit the site and evaluate any physical constraints.

Before starting on your concept plan we obtain a Certificate of Title (CT), Deposited Plan (DP) and site drainage information. We may also obtain a Project Information Memorandum (PIM). We also compile planning zone information and check council overlays e.g. flood, acoustic. We then prepare a detailed written brief to confirm your requirements.

Concept Design

Sketch plans are drawn up based on the brief and we combine your ideas with our design input and the site constraints.

At this stage we explore how problems identified in the brief may be solved. Depending on the budget for the concept plan, this may include a 3D computer rendition of how your new home will look. Sometimes the concept plan requires a little modification to get to where you want, or we may find parts of the brief are incompatible and require more work to resolve the issues.

Preliminary Design

This phase involves the development of the approved concept design. It co-ordinates any refinements to the client brief, consultation with territorial/building consent authorities, site plan, floor plans, elevations and preliminary sections.

Developed Design

This phase involves the development of the approved preliminary design to a greater level of detail and incorporates evaluating need for and briefing of other consultants. During this phase the buildability of the project will be addressed, materials and finishes will be selected and presented to you for final approval and resource consent issues will be addressed. Structural framing drawings for roof, wall and floor framing are completed, bracing calculations, H1 insulation compliance checked, preliminary plumbing and drainage.

Detailed Design and Consent Preparation

This phase involves the preparation of detailed working drawings and specifications from the approved developed design including input from other consultants to a level that will form the basis for an application for a building consent, tendering and negotiation of a building contract and enable construction work to commence.

Contract Procurement

This phase involves a range of administrative and contract procedures required to enable tendering and negotiation of a building contract and the commencement of construction.

Contract Admin + Observation

This phase involves the contractual and financial (if agreed) administration of the contract and includes regular site visits to verify the construction work is in general accordance with the contract documents.

The level of observation proposed is in accordance with NZIA Agreement for Architects Services (AAS) observation level (OL2) which is regarded as a Core Service.